Me : I trained in architecture but always hankered after life as an artist - in 2009 I left architecture and shifted my focus to painting (alongside a lot of bar work initially, and a lot of motherhood latterly).

My Work : Sea, sky, sand is what I am drawn to to paint.

By 2014  my painting had begun to evolve in to the style I have today.. big atmospheric pieces filled with light and often a sense of peace. I paint primarily in oils, and almost always all in one session.. I sometimes have to go back to finish later, but all in one go is definitely the way I prefer to work.


The Sea : The sea is a huge part of my life, and my work. Since I was a little girl growing up in Dunbar I wanted to paint the sea; now I live by it, I walk with my wee dog every day by it, I swim in it no matter what the season, and of course I paint it. Almost everything I paint now is about the water. It's very much my muse.

My CV: More about where I have exhibited etc here..

sea swimming.jpg
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