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There's nothing better than a long walk on the beach...

...then coming home, and putting it on canvas

I create expressive, atmospheric large-scale seascapes filled with a sense of calm and peace.  My work is about the solace of the sea, the light filled skies above the local beaches, reflections on sand and water. I aim to find the ‘still point in a turning world’,  to anchor the viewer to a place and a state of mind that is about tranquillity and connection to the natural world.  


I want the viewer to feel they are on the beach with me.

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One fell swoop.JPEG

I have been working out of my North Berwick studio, a converted basement underneath our flat, since 2014 - studio visits are always welcome.

I also show regularly with galleries and at art fairs and other events - sign up to my mailing list to keep in touch with what is happening!

My background is in in Architecture; I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1996 with a 1st class degree and a joint best in year prize. Painting however has always been my passion, and I left architecture in 2009 to develop my art. By 2015 I was bringing up two babies and beginning to exhibit and sell professionally on a regular basis. My main focus for the last decade has been oils, however I do also work in other media, particularly watercolours, and was awarded the Watermark award by The RSW in 2018, and invited to travel to Fabriano as part of the Scottish delegation to the Fabrainoin Acquarello International Watercolour conference in 2019.

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