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All about the new print range..

I'll be honest, 6 months ago launching a print range was the furthest thing from my mind. I had a lot of reasons not to do prints - when I stopped doing them 5 years ago, it was because when an order came in, I'd have to phone it in to the printer, go collect it from 5 miles away; sign it, spend a lot of time carefully wrapping it it, take to the post office a mile away.. it was a lot of work for not a lot of reward and it took away valuable painting time.

But as the price of originals go steadily up ( partly due to my penchance for painting very large canvases) I began to get more and more messages asking about prints as a more affordable option, and I started to feel a bit awkward that my work was becoming inaccessible.

So when the Printspace contacted me and explained how they could do the fulfilment for me - it would be beautiful museum quality prints, with authentification certificates and my own branding on packaging; they could frame and send worldwide for very reasonable rates and make it all carbon neutral... I was very interested.

It's taken three months to pull together the paintings, get them professionally photographed, make sure my website integrates with theirs and all the other things, but we're now ready to go and I can't wait. The paintings are almost all specially painted for this range; encapsulating the big dramatic skies and reflections on sand on my local beaches that I love to paint the most.

The one drawback is the prints will not be handsigned - it's just not logistically possible to do it that way. They do come with a digitally signed certificate of authenticity, hoographically linked to the print itself. If it's something that's very important to you, I am more than happy to sign any prints you bring to the studio. To be fair, I don't visibly sign my originals either, only on the back of the canvas ( I feel signatures can detract from the painting)

This is hopefully just the first collection, planning to bring a smaller 3-4 piece collection out in late November, with some new beaches.. eventually I'll cover all of East Lothian.

Anyway! that's the back story on prints, delighted to answer any questions... and if you do buy one, I would love to see a pic of it up on your wall|! xx Fee

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