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Mellow yellow

Despite being on hiatus for painting this fortnight, I got an idea in my head I couldn’t shift and I was missing painting far too much.. so yesterday was spent frantically painting this tryptich of glowing yellow pieces.

I started at 730 am, worked until 10 when I had to pause to dog walk/do family shopping trip, then headed back in to the studio from 4 until 8. It’s amazing how much you can fit in around family life if you start early, finish late, and have something you really really REALLY want to paint. I feel like I’ve scratched an itch I couldn’t quite reach, after a week of restraint and ‘office’ jobs.

I still look like an oompa loompa though - rather embarassing moment when seaswimming this morning when someone remarked opun my lovely yellow highlights..'Oh, all natural sun streaks!' I replied smugly before realising she was actually talking about the streak of yellow oil paint in my hair. Doh.

In a funny way, these were inspired by an intense discussion on painting your rooms yellow on a Farrow and Ball forum ( I know, achingly middle class and middle aged, how bougie can you get!) I’m a sucker for F&B India Yellow, and was defending its use in interiors heartily (I’ve used it in my living room for windows and accents) and it just really made me want to go explore rich mustardy yellows on canvas. That, and I’ve always had a wee bit of fear when it comes to using yellow and I wanted to finally stamp on the head of that.

Anyway, the middle guy sold within minutes of me posting on the socials.. the last one again sold within an hour of painting to a lovely client who had missed the first one by minutes..but the first is still up for grabs..

I’m content. A good day at the coalface.

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