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Welcome to my world..

I'm thinking it's about time I added a blog. I did have one many moons ago and to be honest

I loved writing it - I did art show reviews, interviews with other artists, very open updates on my journey on learning to be an artist. It was great! But ultimately a bit of a time suck.. so this one might not be so all singing and dancing.

I do love writing informally about my work though (Writing formal stuff for galleries and shows is another matter, THAT I hate) so be prepared to find a wee weekly update on what's currently driving me - wild waves, beautiful sunrises, calm water, rough water, night painting or stormy day painting. Or it could just be my kids, driving me mad.

This week I'm forcing myself NOT to go in the studio.. I have decided the time has come to pay a bit more attention to the guddle my website is in, my lack of newsletter and my need for a bit of attention to branding and logos and all that fundamentally quite boring stuff. At some point I'll get a professional to help with all of this, but it's sometimes easier just to charge on myself and hope it can all be fixed and polished later.

The big thing is the newsletter launch.. please keep an eye out for a sign-up for that, because part of the launch is going to be a quite incredible flash sale that only subscribers will have access too, certainly initially.

I only do flash sales once every year or so and I know people can be a bit gutted when they miss them, so you have been warned! It will include two of my absolute favourites from my 2019 solo show with Coast Gallery in Dunbar, I love them but I want them to have new homes even more.. I'll pop a link to the sign-up for that here as soon as I have it.

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